this website is an opportunity for community members to learn about and provide feedback on urbanstar's proposal for the jake in the community of bowness



This website was prepared by UrbanStar and the project team to share a redevelopment vision for 'The Jake,' an assembly of lands at 6108, 6110, and 6112 - 33 Avenue NW. The site is located within the neighbourhood of Bowness and falls into the Bowness Area Redevelopment Plan boundary.  

The Jake is a higher intensity, multi-residential development designed to contribute to the growth of the Bowness Road NW Main Street Program by providing housing choices to Bownesians and by establishing a high quality Main Street precedent. The Jake will be constructed with high quality materials and its architectural design will pay special attention to improving the streetscape at this corner through thoughtful landscaping.

Please check back here periodically for updates from the project team regarding timelines and sharing of our materials.


Community Engagement

Thank you for joining us on June 21, 2018 for our community-wide Open House. The boards from the event have been posted below for those unable to attend. The project team has completed a What We Heard Report based on feedback received from community members and stakeholders from late April to July 13, 2018, when a formal submission for Land Use Redesignation was made to The City of Calgary for The Jake. This What We Heard Report includes common feedback themes heard throughout the engagement period and provides project team responses. The project team will continue to receive feedback on The Jake as we work with the City in the months ahead. We thank everyone for their participation.  

Policy Context

Developed Areas Guidebook

The Developed Areas Guidebook supports the Municipal Development Plan by facilitating the growth of Complete Communities. It contains policies that over time will enable infill and a diversity of housing forms and higher density mixed-use areas in Centres and Main Streets. This will provide the necessary number of people to support neighbourhood shops, schools, and amenities in all communities. 

YYC Main Streets initative

Bowness Road NW has been identified as a Main Street by the City of Calgary, meaning it is an active corridor that attracts Calgarians to socialize, work, live, shop, dine, and celebrate. These streets also act as important transportation routes for those who walk, cycle, drive, or use transit. The City encourages population and job growth around these key corridors. The Jake falls within the boundaries of Bowness Road NW Main Street as determined by community residents in engagement sessions held by The City. It will therefore contribute to the growth of this eclectic and developing Main Street. 

Bowness ARP

The Bowness Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) (approved 1995), places The Jake in the Low and Medium Multi-Dwelling Land Use Policy Area. There is no detailed policy pertaining to this land use area. In the 23 years since this ARP was approved, city-wide objectives have changed. As a result, the project team is looking to higher order policies including the Municipal Development Plan and Developed Areas Guidebook for direction regarding the provision of more compact built forms along Main Streets. 

The Bowness ARP will be updated in the first quarter of 2019 with a new land use map reflecting City-led main streets land use redesignations in the areas surrounding Bowness Road NW. The Jake redesignation will require a minor, map-based amendment to the Bowness ARP.


The Project Team measured the site's development potential against the City of Calgary’s location criteria for multi-unit infill development in low density residential areas. The Jake does not represent a small scale infill, but the project team felt the location criteria, measured in combination with its strategic placement within the Bowness Road NW Main Street provides a solid planning rationale for this type of intensification.



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